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Milo expressions test

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Why an iPad app?

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Balloon Days (or Balloon Boy as it was initially called) has been on my mind as a ‘book’ idea for a while, I’ve always thought of it as a fun interactive picture book but (had) never really found the right platform. ‘Putting it on the web’ didn’t really feel like doing it justice, as it would have probably just got lost amongst the many others.

The original concept drawing was done by Christina 2 years ago, with some musings from me along the way. I was inspired to get on with development after seeing the Alice In Wonderland app, when the iPad first launched. A good story is primary for these, kids are too savvy too see through something that is just *fizz*, we really want it to be something you would read over and over. It has also been important for us to remember its not an animation, its a book idea.

Since having our little Lilly in the world I have been inspired by what she would like to read and maybe what her reading will be like in the future – she loves a good book already! Even my Dad (he’s a bit beyond picture books of course), now has a Kindle, which to me seems big step away from the paperback. The added bonus with iPad app is that it allows us to integrate some interactively for stimulation and play, its design is very much what I believe the ‘book’ will become in the future. The size of of the iPad is also a perfect book size, not to big to handle and enough to get the most out of the illustration detail. More later…

Update Friday 03/12/2010 (Snow Days)

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Due to the snowy weather Ana has been working from home this week but we have all the backgrounds complete and most of the props and secondary characters. We are going to start building the book ‘engine’ soon to see how its all fitting together.


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We have spent the last couple of weeks storyboarding, working out how many background elements we needed and also how the interactivity will work therefore ensuring the story flowed visually. we obviously want it to be a bit more than a book, whilst also realising its not an animation!

Welcome to Balloon Days

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Let your imagination float away with Balloon Days! Transform your iPad screen with a brand new app that will keep you entranced for hours – and your young children if you’re generous enough to let them have a go!

Milo Saves The Circus is the first in a series of tales called Balloon Days. Developed by Sliced Bread Animation, it’s a charming interactive story (aimed at 4-7 year olds) which will be available early in 2011.

Help Milo and his extraordinary balloon pony bounce their way along an adventurous path to save a circus from a fiery fate. Make every day a Balloon Day!

Milo hated peas.
He had eaten his fish fingers.
He had eaten his bread and butter.
Now there were only peas.
‘Peas are yuck’ he said.

Milo’s mum looked at him sitting all alone at the table staring at his plate.
‘Green vegetables will make you clever, like your dad…’

balloon days sketches