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Writing ‘Milo Saves The Circus’

January 5, 2011 - 2:55 pm 3 Comments

Oooh, I had such fun!

Jamie, at Sliced Bread Animation, had the germ of an idea which he related to me, and it inspired me to come up with the story you will soon see before you in all its glory – the glory being the addition of the beautiful illustrations by Ana Bermejo and the interactivity provided by the techie geniuses (genii?) at Sliced Bread.

My influences? Hmmmm…my own fertile imagination and a love of quality writing for children – by A.A. Milne, of Winnie the Pooh fame, to name but one.

Writing for children? I think this is what’s needed – a simple, engaging storyline, with at least one character that a child could relate to, but also some magic and mystery and adventure to intrigue and excite.

As for vocabulary – most of it should be familiar but there must also be words in there that will stretch the mind and add to a child’s bank of knowledge.

As a parent myself (my youngest baby is 27!) I think it’s very important to write material that adults will enjoy as well as children. After all, it’s the adult who might have to read the same story 328 times! For that reason, my work is layered, with references that will amuse adults but perhaps may pass a child by at first – but without spoiling their enjoyment of the story. It’s a fine line to tread.

I can’t wait to write some more stories. I can’t WAIT until the New Year when the iPad app will be available. (I hope Father Christmas is taking very good note of a certain electronic item that is the only thing on my list!)

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